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Homeowners in Texas who are wanting to have hardwood floor installation at their homes want their contractor to be the best in the hardwood flooring industry, and this is why the homeowners always contact us. We are experienced and have an established reputation as the wood floor installation service in Forth Worth. We provide our customers with a wide range of flooring services. We were founded in 1978 and our entire team is passionate in providing quality hardwood in homes in Texas.

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We specialize in a variety of hardwood flooring services and much more. We provide our customers with the finest quality of flooring to meet the needs of our wonderful customers.

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is the fifth largest city in Texas with a population of 833,319. The city was first established in 1849 as an Army outpost and the first naval ship with the United States Navy was named after the city, which is the USS Forth Worth. The nicknames for the city are “Cowtown” and “Panther City”. The motto for the city is “Where the West Begins”. The city has many exciting activities to do and see.

Fort Worth Flooring Contractor for over 20 years - Heritage Hardwood Floors

The Fort Worth Cultural District is located downtown and has the finest collections of any museum in the United States. There are unique and priceless antiques and displays along with modern art that can be seen here. Just a couple blocks from the Fort Worth Cultural Center is the Will Rogers Memorial Center where visitors can see over 120 acres of exhibits. There is also three show arenas, the historic coliseum, art deco, and so much more. Each year over two million visitors come to the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

The Sundance Square is where the center of the city buzzes during the day and evening hours. The Sundance Square is thirty five blocks where shopping, dining, and entertainment can be found. Visitors can take in the restored historic buildings, art galleries, the Fort Worth Water Gardens, and stop at the JFK Tribute that is located in General Worth Square. The JFK Tribute has a bronze statue of President Kennedy along with several quotes from some of JFK’s speeches. This is a must see for every visitor coming to Fort Worth. Fort Worth is an exciting city with plenty of things to see and do. This thriving city will keep you and your family occupied during your vacation here.

Heritage Hardwood Floors is the flooring store and hardwood floor installation experts that homeowners can depend on. If you are interested in any of our hardwood flooring services, then contact us soon.

New Installation Matches Cabinets of DIY Remodel

We got a call from a Fort Worth resident looking to keep a frugal budget while remodeling his kitchen. He was doing a lot of the work himself. He did a lot of the cabinet and countertop work himself, but when it came down to his flooring he wanted a professional Fort Worth hardwood floor contractor to install hardwood at his home.

He came to our flooring store after doing thorough research on the contractors in the area. He was really impressed with our knowledge and experience, and he selected us as his wood floor installation service provider, and was very happy with the end results. The homeowner didn’t realize there was a variety of hardwood floors that he could choose from and with our help he was able to match the flooring with the cabinets, which was important to him.

The client decided to have oak floors installed in his kitchen

The client wanted the flooring to match his new cabinets, so he decided to have the oak floors. We measured his kitchen and then gave the client a price that he was comfortable with. The Heritage Hardwood Floors professional installers arrived at the home and started the wood floor installation service.

The crew installed the pre-finished flooring within just a few hours, which pleased the customer. As the crew was packing up to head to the next client the customer had a couple of questions. He wanted to know how to care for his new oak floors. The crew let the customer know that the hardwood flooring is easy to take care of.

New Installation of Oak Floors in Fort Worth at this customer's home

The crew recommended sweeping the floors regularly and if there is any spills to make sure that they are wiped up immediately with just a soft cloth that should be dry. The crew also let the customer know that he should never use a vacuum that has beater bars on the flooring, because the beater bars could create dents in the finish of the oak flooring. The crew let the customer know that he shouldn’t worry about extra maintenance, because the oak floors would always look new and clean with just minimum care, which includes sweeping and removing dust regularly, and never use a damp mop on any sealed flooring.

The customer thanked the crew for doing a great job and for taking the time to educate him on his new hardwood floors. The customer said he was really happy that he hired a professional, because he could never have installed the flooring as well as we did. The customer was very happy with the services that we provided him and he said he would spread the word that Heritage Hardwood Floors is the wood floor installation service expert.