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Homeowners know that it is important to hire a professional for any hardwood floor installation in Lucas. This is equally true for hardwood  floorrepairs or refinishing. This is why Lucas homeowners always contact the hardwood flooring experts at Heritage Hardwood Floors. We are a family owned business with over thirty years of experience. The knowledge we have gained from our earned experience in the industry is something we are happy to share with each of our customers, and our installation and repair skills are displayed in all of the quality work we do.

Flooring Store Services

Our complete hardwood flooring contractor services include:

  • Oak Floors
  • Full Selection Flooring Store
  • Hardwood Floor Repair
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Flooring Contractor
  • And so much more…

Our staff is qualified, trained, and knowledgeable to provide our customers with superior services and products. We understand that homeowners want and need the best flooring services, and that is what we strive for each day.

Lucas, Texas

Heritage Floors did this Hardwood Floor installation in Lucas at this nice homeLucas, Texas is a small, charming city with a population of 5,166. In the 1840’s, the area was inhabited by the Cherokee, Kickapoo, and Caddo Indians. In 1844, land grants were given to men for fighting in the Texas Revolution. A married man was granted 640 acres and a single man was granted 320 acres. These families were farmers who raised, corn, cotton, wheat, and cattle. This place is a small city with big things to see and do.

The Lucas Community Family Day is held on May 14th. This annual event has a bounce house for the kids, games for everyone, live music, and food and drinks. The Lucas Community Family Day event is free for everyone, which includes the foods and drinks. You can bring your family out and have a wonderful time meeting the people that live here.

The Museum of the Gold Coast is just a few miles outside of town. The Museum of the Gold Coast has an interactive history and science museum, exhibits, Music Hall of Fame, Sports Legends Gallery, and much more. Enjoy all that the Museum of the Gold Coast offers and you and your family can spend the entire day learning about Texas and the Gold Coast. Visitors can also enjoy the parks located in the city. The Kenneth R. Lewis Park has paved walking trails, playgrounds, pavilions, softball fields, and plenty of beauty. Visitors can relax at one of the parks in the city and enjoy all the beauty here. Lucas, Texas is a quiet, small city with plenty of things to see and do.

Heritage Hardwood Floors is the flooring contractor that homeowners depend upon. If you are interested in having hardwoods floors installed at your home, then contact us today.

Our Latest Project Updates

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Home Addition Requires New Flooring

Recently, a woman came to our Lucas flooring store to shop for a home addition that had just been completed. She had initially thought that vinyl flooring would be the best way to go, but after seeing some of our samples of our beautiful white oak floors, she was set on having beautiful, long-lasting hardwood in her home.

We were happy to discuss options for her and provider her an estimate for the wood floor installation service that we could provide for her. We informed the woman on the benefits of white oak flooring. We let her know that the white oak hardwood flooring is more durable than the red oak hardwood flooring. She was curious with the appearance, and we showed her that the white oak hardwood is a light brown color that may have just a tint of a gray. After we gave her all the details, she didn’t hesitate, but  immediately choose us to perform the hardwood floor installation in Lucas.

The wood floor installation service was scheduled

Our professional team arrived at the residence and the customer showed us to her new home addition where the flooring was to be installed. The crew went to work laying the oak floors. The wood floor installation was nearly complete within approximately four hours.

Heritage Hardwood Floors did a wood floor installation in Lucas at this home

The team cleaned up the room and removed all the tools and equipment, then let the customer know that her wood floor installation service was complete and would she like to see her new flooring. When the customer walked into the space she was speechless. She said the flooring was beautiful and she was so happy that she came into the flooring store, because she was just going to have vinyl flooring installed, but the flooring that we installed was much better and was absolutely gorgeous.

The customer must have been pleased, because a week later she called the office and wanted the exact oak flooring installed in her living room and dining room. She said her husband was quite impressed with our flooring services and prices and the homeowners wanted to upgrade the other two rooms too. We scheduled an in-home consultation with the customer, so we could measure the rooms and provide her with an actual bid. Heritage Hardwood Floors is the wood floor installation service experts that can transform any room with our white oak hardwood flooring services.