About Handscraped Hardwood Floors

pic-handscrapedHandscraped hardwood floors continue to grow in popularity! The timeless beauty of a handscraped floor is a reflection of the homeowner’s classic style. The craftsmanship of installing a handscraped hardwood floor is amazing, and brings out the hardwood’s natural beauty and individual characteristics.

After the boards have been nailed down and cured in your home, our crews take their scraping tools and scrape the top layer of the wood. This handscraping of the wood can be done against the grain of the boards, or with the grain of the boards. The handscraping of the floor accentuates the wood’s natural beauty, and each method makes the floor look different.

It’s important to take a look at samples before you decide on a handscraped floor. Many customers like to compare handscraped nail down floor against the look of a handscraped engineered floor. With engineered floors, each board is individually hand scraped and finished, so when the boards go together, you can tell they’re individually done. With an installed hardwood floor, the entire floor is scraped, so it’s a continuous, elegant look.  The only way to truly compare is to see them in person.  We invite you to our hardwood flooring showroom where you can see samples and select the look you want.

There are a wide variety of handscraped floors. You can have your floor custom done, which means you start with nail down wood and our crews handscrape them. With this method you can select light scraping, medium handscraping, or heavy handscraping. Once scraped the hardwood floor is stained. The different levels of handscraping cause the boards to accept the stain differently. Heritage Hardwood Floors treats every floor like a custom job, you select the hardwood, the degree of handscraping, the color of your stain, the type of hardwood finishing and all your choices combine to give YOUR hardwood floor its unique look.

Once you’ve selected your hardwood floor, you can be certain it will increase the value of your home.

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