About Red Oak Hardwood Floors

pic-red-oakAppearance: Color:

Heart and sapwood are similar with sapwood lighter in color; most pieces have a reddish tone. Slightly redder than white
Grain: Open, slightly coarser (more porous) than white oak. Plainsawn boards have a plumed or flared grain appearance; riftsawn has a tighter grain pattern, low figuring; quartersawn has a flake pattern, sometimes called tiger oak, tiger rays or butterflies.


Commodity item available in ALL types, styles and sizes of flooring

Properties: Hardness:

1290 Janka Table (benchmark) Durability: Stiff & dense, resist wear, less durable than white oak.


  • Sawing: above average
  • Nailing: good
  • Sanding: satisfactorily, better than white oak
  • Finishing: Strong stain contrast, because of pores

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