Why Choose Heritage Floors?

Our Focus is Always on Our Customers:

Heritage Hardwood Floors offers the best value in selection and installation of flooring products – ‘flooring craftsmanship’ at a reasonable price. We have a physical location, as opposed to some contractors who work out of their vehicle.  What does this mean for you?  It means you have someone you can call and reach us or actually come to our retail store.  When selecting your flooring contractor, you want to make sure it’s someone who is actually in a long term flooring business, not just someone riding around working out of the back of their vehicle. Often times these contractors do not carry general liability insurance, and they are tile craftsmen that are doing wood floors because they don’t have tile work to do. We hear that many of these contractors meet their potential customers in a big box store.  Is that the right way to meet someone who will come into your home and do work for you?  Heritage Hardwood Floors has been serving the Dallas Metroplex since 1978, which give you peace of mind.


Heritage Hardwood Floors is the flooring choice of builders, remodelers, interior decorators, homeowners, and insurance professionals because we meet their flooring needs. Our priority is to understand the requirements of each customer.

We have the confidence of every client because we offer the best value, unequaled skills, complete services, and guaranteed work.
In deciding who to select for their projects, many of our clients have asked questions which may be helpful to you:

Q: Who will do the actual work for my project?

A: Heritage Hardwood Floors uses only its own project teams to install and finish floors. Every crewmember is specially trained. Each project crew is headed by an experienced team leader qualified to provide quality workmanship.

Q: What other charges should I expect?

A: None. We fully stand by our estimate except in rare instances where unforeseen issues are discovered.

Q: Yours isn’t the lowest bid, why?

A: We provide a great flooring product at competitive prices.  If you received a lower from another bidder, it may be because they do not have a retail location, they may not carry general liability insurance, or even be trained in hardwood flooring!  Another thing to look at is the grade of hardwood in the estimate.  If the hardwood grade is not specified, you should ask.  Some companies will give an estimate with lower grade materials to lower their costs, something you may not notice until you have given a down payment and begin to see the work.  Generally lower flooring estimates are because of material swaps, lack of a retail location or insurance, or inexperienced people looking for work.   After checking those things, ask us!  We may be able to determine whether you have an apples-to-apples bid.

Q: Have I received a competitive estimate?

A: We offer present-day craftsmanship at an affordable price. Your estimate is not only based on the price per square foot or yard, but on the measured area to be worked on. Some flooring businesses will increase the measurement by up to 20% without your knowledge. So always compare not only price per square foot, but the bottom line price. You can also count on us to properly prepare the sub-floor before installing your new flooring product. This process is extremely important to a quality installation of your new floor.

Q: Can I get my project done for less by someone else?

A: This is a competitive industry and usually there is someone who is willing to do a job cheaper than others. We understand your concerns. We work hard to give you the best value in both craftsmanship and price. A lower cost provider may not even have a retail store!  Have you noticed advertisements in the paper or flyers where it’s only a phone number and NO ADDRESS?  This allows someone to give you the cheapest hardwood floors.  But can you depend on them not to just take your down payment?  Since we operate a retail location, you can find us at any time!  That gives you peace of mind, way beyond the money you may or may not save with someone else.

Q: What if I don’t see the product I want in your showroom?

A: Every showroom is limited to some degree on space and product offering. However, we can usually acquire a product if you have seen it somewhere else. Just let us know the manufacturer and color, and we’ll do our best to acquire the product for you.

Q: Are you insured?

A: We carry full liability insurance.  Peace of mind.

Q: Why should I choose Heritage Hardwood Floors?

A: We have been family owned and operated since 1978. Many of our new clients have been recommended to us by previously satisfied clients. It is easy to see why your satisfaction is very important to us.

Q: Can I get a FREE In Home Consultation?

A: We do FREE in-home consultations and estimates for large projects within our service area.  If you are outside our service area, have a small repair, or are getting competitive bids for insurance purposes, we charge a nominal fee, which is credited in full to your project when you choose us.  Included in our in-home consultation is an examination of your flooring situation to determine the best choices for you, analysis by our experienced consultants, and at your choice an estimate of the preferred solution.  We provide valuable advice for your flooring projects, and a very competitive estimate.


Heritage Hardwood Floors has a reputation for ensuring the highest value for our clients. We guarantee our work and our materials. The flooring products we use are the highest quality available, designed to meet your needs of functionality and style.

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