• Very durable and resilient.
  • Wide variety of construction and styling options.
  • Excellent color versatility and uniformity.
  • Very soft.
  • Excellent odor reduction.
  • Excellent liquid repellency.
  • Excellent ease of cleaning.
  • Overall best carpet but it is the most expensive.
  • Not stain resistant so make sure whatever carpet you select has a stain treatment.


  • Excellent stain and fade resistant.
  • Excellent color clarity and uniformity.
  • Exceptional softness.
  • Excellent ease of cleaning
  • Excellent value.
  • Excellent liquid repellency.
  • Not as resilient and durable as nylon.


  • Poor stain and soil resistance.
  • Performs well in appropriate constructions.
  • Good value.
  • Poor odor reduction.
  • Lack of resiliency.
  • Limited style flexibility

PTT (Triexta)

  • Good durability and resiliency.
  • Inherently resistant to permanent staining.
  • Yarn cannot be treated for repellency of staining.
  • Poor liquid repellency.
  • Poor odor reduction.
  • Excellent color fastness and choices.