Four tips for choosing the perfect hardwood

Four tips for choosing the perfect hardwood

Who can resist wood flooring? These floors have a natural beauty that instantly enhances your home with warmth, charm, and elegance. They are also versatile enough to work with any decor, are easy to take care of, and add value to your property, whether you choose solid or engineered.

To select the right hardwood floor for you, consider a balance of function and fashion.

Explore our inventory

See what appeals to you. First, do it online at our website. Our hardwood flooring company has Bella Cera, Johnson, Hallmark and Mannington products, and more. Whether your choice is solid or engineered, you'll find various color shades, as well as textures, including hand-scraped, distressed, smooth, and matte. Right now, wide planks are trending, but if you prefer narrow, you can find ranges from 2.25 inches to 7.5 inches wide. Then, come into our showroom to see samples in person!

Decide on construction

There are two types of wood floors: solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood floors. On the surface, they look similar: we have maple, oak, hickory, or birch floors with undertones, knots, grains, and swirls. Another similarity is that, like solid, engineered can be refinished and add value to a property.

Construction is different, however. While solid is one thickness throughout, engineered is layered underneath, giving it more stability and better handling water. Unfortunately, this results in a floor installed in some higher-than-normal moisture areas.

Fashion picks

Now comes the fun part! Think about color tone, grain patterns, plank size, and texture/finishes. There's such a wide assortment of stains; you can make floors as light or dark as you want; if you decide later on that, you want a change, just sand and stain them another hue.

Consider your home’s overall design

Colors and styles only need to harmonize, not match. You want a cohesive look, not a confused jumble where the eye won’t know where to go.

For over 43 years, Heritage Hardwood Floors has been the number one source for residential or commercial hardwood flooring installations. Our showroom is in Plano, TX; come in to explore our inventory and get a free quote while you're at it. In addition, we work with homeowners and businesses in and around McKinney, Allen, and Frisco.