Does hardwood flooring add value to my home?

There’s more than anecdotal evidence to show that potential home buyers are willing to pay more for a home that has wood flooring. And that’s not surprising since hardwood floors bring a touch of class and beauty to any room, regardless of decor. Solid hardwood flooring is more than attractive. This floor covering adds structural integrity to a home’s floor system. The flooring specialists at Heritage Hardwood Floors in Plano, Texas, can help you find the best hardwood flooring for your home. We have been serving the North Texas area since 1978.


Surveys confirm that home buyers favor wood floors. Hardwood floors were on the Top Most Wanted List of ‘What Home Buyers Really Want,' a study done by the National Association of Home Builders. According to, hardwood floors can increase the home value up to 2.5 percent. If you install wood flooring and then sell your home, you can expect a 70 to 80 percent return on investment. Hardwood floors are an essential upgrade if they are the norm in your neighborhood.

Solid vs. engineered wood

Solid wood is more costly than engineered wood. Further, it must be nailed to a wood subfloor. Manufactured wood fits together at the edges so installers can construct a floor that floats over the subfloor. What's more, the plywood base layer that supports the surface hardwood layer tolerates moisture. Because of its cost, composition, and installation method, you might find that engineered wood is preferable for your application. Best of all, manufactured wood floors look the same as solid wood floors.

Heritage Hardwood Floors offers flooring from manufacturers like Naturally Aged Flooring and Johnson Hardwood. Mullican Flooring, one of our favorites, is a hardwood flooring company that maintains a commitment to sustainably managed forests. Our services include residential and commercial installation, water damage restoration, and rug binding. Estimates are free. McKinney, Allen, and Frisco are located in our service area. North Texans, you'll be pleased with our installers, who are with hardwood flooring.