With an option of two different types of wood flooring - solid and engineered - it's likely that you can find a plank style that fits your needs. Hardwood flooring is one of the best high-end products you can invest in, especially since home buyers prize it.

Family-owned heritage Hardwood Floors in Plano, Texas, specialize in hardwood floor installation, and we excel in sanding and finishing existing wood floors.

Solid wood

Prefinished solid hardwood flooring is nailed to a wood subfloor to construct a floor that has a beveled look. The floor will maintain its elegant look throughout its long lifespan since it can be sanded down several times.

In addition, factories use powerful sealers that make prefinished planks quite durable, so refinishing will never be necessary with proper care.

Engineered wood

An engineered wood flooring has a plywood base layer and hardwood surface layer, so it looks the same as a solid wood floor. Because of its makeup, engineered wood flooring tolerates moisture, and because of its design, no nails are needed for installation.

Instead, planks fit together so a floating floor can be constructed over a concrete subfloor or a hard surface floor.

Interior design

Today, the lightest and darkest wood stain colors are trendy for homes with a modern look, and no-stain floors are also popular. Medium flooring shades provide a more traditional look, and texturing can enhance any wood flooring.

A handscraped plank floor may be ideal for your home if you have a large pet since minor scrapes and scratches are well hidden.

Hardwood flooring in Texas

Heritage Hardwood Floors brings high-quality flooring and services to the Dallas and North Texas area, including McKinney, Allen, and Frisco.

In addition to flooring installation, our hardwood flooring company offers free in-home consultations, estimates, and other services like subfloor and floor repairs. Stop by Heritage Hardwood Floors today for all your wood flooring needs.