Water Damage Restoration


How to handle water damage in Plano, TX

There are many ways to take on water damage, and water damage flooring repair through restoration is the most important aspect of the situation. No matter how it happens, it must be dealt with because putting it off can cause even bigger problems. And no homeowner needs that. It can be confusing at first, but we will help you navigate the entire water damage restoration process in a way that will be as comfortable to you as possible. Heritage Hardwood Floors serves the areas of McKinney, Plano, Allen, Frisco, and Galvan, all from our Plano, TX showroom location. Having been in the flooring business since 1978, our expertise and services can be especially beneficial at a time like this. We make the process as painless as possible for the homeowner, working closely with you through every aspect of the procedure. The result is flooring that looks as good as or better than the original in as little time as possible.

When water damage flooring repair is necessary

Flooding is a likely cause that often necessitates water restoration. However, other situations can create a need for water damage flooring repair as well. A massive spill, a washing machine that malfunctions and runs all over your floors, or storm damage that breaks through a roof or wall are all examples of situations that can cause severe water damage to your floors. These might seem like one-in-a-lifetime possibilities, but all it takes is once for you to understand just how problematic they can be to your home. While large areas of water damage can be a major issue, so can smaller, less evident areas. Even small swatches of laminate, where water has soaked through the grooves during mopping, can cause big problems over a long period. Water damage restoration can be necessary for these instances as well and are just as important. Left alone for very long, you'll begin to notice foul odors, warping planks, and moisture may even begin to seep up from between the planks as you walk on them. Even less evident is the necessity to fix loosened adhesives that happen as a result of moisture and humidity getting underneath your floor covering. If you notice your flooring has become loose, or if it snaps when you step on it, you could need a water damage flooring repair, even if it seems like there is no water present.



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Make your house look like a home again with water damage restoration

Act quickly and take advantage of our water damage flooring repair in the Mckinney, Plano & Allen, TX areas by calling Heritage Hardwood Floors. After a flood, you will need to speak with your insurance company to determine your out-of-pocket costs for repairs. Typically, home and business owners will hire a water restoration company to dry out their hardwood floors or carpeting. Your homeowners or flood insurance will cover this work. Then, Heritage Hardwood Floors, LLC can come in to fix the flooring after it has been dried. This work will usually be covered by your insurance, too. We can also provide water damage flooring repair services at commercial properties. Call 972-576-9968 today to speak with one of our flooring contractors about the water damage in your space.

Place your trust in a team of water damage restoration experts

Mitigating water damage can cost you thousands of dollars if you don't deal with it quickly. Fortunately, Heritage Hardwood Floors is here for you. We offer free consultations and on-site estimates. Contact us right now to book your free consultation.